Sunday, May 2, 2010

About as close as you can get to producing without actually doing it. Informal chaselog 4/29/2010

I still have pics and video to go through from the Washington, KS area from Thursday so I'm not going to make a big chaselog about this day yet but I will soon. I just wanted to show some pics I took that appear to show a funnel trying to extend to the ground. A very brief, weak tornado was reported in about the same area at about the same time but Topeka's write-up about it said a condensation never reached down when the TOR was reported. The pics that I have show SOMETHING just to the left (west) of a large wall cloud under the same parent meso. Everything was spinning like crazy but unfortunately I was a bit too far away to see the little dust spinup that was reported and a nice pair of trees block the view of my video camera just as the funnel was coming down. I didn't even notice this during the chase, and even when I got home and looked through the pics I didn't notice it right away. Eventually I did notice something hanging off a feature to the right of the main wall cloud. Still hard to say what it was, could be scud for all I know but my timelapse of the area showed this feature rapidly rotating with good rising motion. Anyways, here's the pic and link to the timelapse video. Let me know what you think!



Timothy said...

I think that damn tree that was in your way needs to be cut down, lol. But seriously that video and the pics are amazing! Sure looks like it could've been something.

Midwestchaser said...

Thanks Tim! I know, that tree really sucked. lol I was able to run up the road a little bit and get the trees out of the shot. Really wish they weren't in the video though!