Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frickin Busy

Midterm portfolio is due for my photo class. 8 pictures due, 3 are for our second assignment, 5 due for the portfolio plus 2 proof sheets. I spent a good 6-7 hours taking/developing/enlarging pictures on Monday and another 4 hours today (Tuesday) and will spend atleast another 4 hours tomorrow. Good thing its due tomorrow, it means I'll actually have to finish it and turn it in and get it over with. Frickin intense though, I gurantee I'm not the only one in there either. I dont know what it is but I am always starving after I'm done in the darkroom, must be the fix or something. Anyway, I hear the North Shore calling my name again, I'm feelin Tetagouche and Grand Marais this time.

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