Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Skywarn Material

I got my first chance to see the new Minnesota Skywarn material yesterday (March 14th) at the Skywarn class in Blaine. I was happy with the new material, although surprised that they got rid of the test. I didnt get to a class last year and my mind is a little fuzzy from the old material so its a little hard to compare the new material vs. the old but either way it was still pretty good. A nice variety of pictures and video, and the cool thing was I know most of the people that had their pics/vid in the presentation (with a couple of my photos also making it in). Hats off to Todd K. and John W. for putting it together. Talking to Todd one day he was telling me about the editing part of it and it sounded like hell. I dont know what it was, I think it was just the speakers in the room we were using, but the audio from the video kept cutting in and out which was kinda annoying and it would've been nice to hear what some of the people were saying. Also thanks to Theresa C. for a great job on doing the presentation. It was cool seeing some familiar faces from F5 at the class and putting a couple new faces to the names as well. I had a good time at Acupulco (spelling?) for dinner after the class with most of the gang from F5 that was at the class. Too bad I cant make it to the workshop, who knows when the next will be that I see some of these people. Anyways, it certainly feels like spring with the above average temps this weekend and early this week, getting close to 60 on Monday. Broke out the shorts yesterday and today, it just feels so damn good to be wearing them again. Ahh, chase season is JUST around the corner, I can almost smell it.

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