Friday, November 28, 2008

New video camera

Battling the Black Friday crowds paid off for me for a year. Headed out to look at the sales Ultimate Electronics, Circuit City, and Best Buy had on video cameras. I found a nice camera over at Best Buy and i didnt like the selection at the other stores so i went ahead and bought it. Its a JVC 30 GB HDD 35x optical zoom laser touch camera that i bought for $320 including tax. It is a huge upgrade from my old tape non-digital video camera i have been borrowing from my aunt (i dont think i've used that camera since 2006 since it is pretty much obsolete). My new camera has up to 7 hours of space from video which should be enough since i dont plan on recording an entire chase from start to finish. I need to pick up an extra battery for it (maybe a christmas gift) but other than that i should be set for video for '09. I also need to find a dash cam mount (along with the current project of finding/building a laptop mount). If anyone has any suggestions for dash cam mounts i would love to hear them!

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