Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wishlist for chase season '09

SDS has hit pretty hard already so i've been giving a lot of thought to what i want to buy this offseason for chasing next season. I highly doubt i will actually end up buying all these (although that would be awesome if i did) but these are what i want:
1. Ham radio (after nearly 3 years of procrastinating its probably time to get this)
2. Truckers antenna (for whatever reason i seemed to always be out of Verizon's territory last here, hopefully this will help)
3. Laptop mount (what a pain in the ass it was to have to look all the way over to the passenger seat to look at my computer instead of having it right in front of me)
4. New cell phone (my phone's battery really took a beating from tethering this past season plus the 1000 times i dropped the phone isnt good for it either)
5. New video camera (mine as well join the 21st century and finally go digital, i was at Ultimate Electronics looking at some JVC cameras, they were all very nice and easy to function, the one i was looking at the most had a zoom of 25x!)
6. New camera (i need a DSLR, not so much for chasing but for other photography, i need something with a much larger f/stop than the Cannon Powershot i use now)
7. Verizon aircard (with the Verizon/Alltell merger the coverage for Verizon should be much better plus i had trouble with tethering, hoping this would be better, only down fall is you are looking at atleast $200)

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