Friday, November 21, 2008

Question and an old video

I was driving around the neighborhood last week and saw a car with plates WX0SVR and had ham radio antennas on the roof. if i recall right it was a white Crown Vic. and i was just wondering if anyone knows who this was and would like to know the other weather weenies around here. I dont think i have ever seen another car equipped like that in New Brighton (although i shouldnt be suprised).

On a different note i was going thru some old stuff from May 31, 2008 and came across a short video i took driving on I94 towards Minneapolis. I really wish i had started recording earlier but i was concentrating more on driving. Anyways, its nothing special but it brings me back good memories of that day and helps me get thru atleast one more day of winter. Just before i started recording i had been in the hail core for a good 15-20 minutes. Its suprising how loud the hail was for only being about quarter size.


Craig said...

WX0SVR is Nick Elms. He is the director of Wright County Skywarn (or West Metro Skywarn--I don't know what they call themselves anymore).

Midwestchaser said...

ok, i knew i had seen it around before somewhere. i wonder what he was doing on the back roads in St Anthony, its a bit of a drive from Wright County