Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chase forecast/update from the road

Left my house at 9:15 to head down towards Luverne, MN to meet up with Andy Gabrielson. Current plan is to head towards the Butte, NE area hoping for some elevated sups. The hope is starting to fade though with the new model runs, the arrowhead is starting to look better than Nebraska. But we're going to hold out hope, heading west on I90 towards the Lake Andes,SD/Butte, NE area, may try to head a bit further west but we will see. Nothing like a 1000 mile drive to a 2% TOR risk. If we get a severe storm I'll be happy, if not I wont be. Winds were a fricken pain in the ass getting down to Luverne, blowing my car all over the place. May update later once we stop otherwise I will post a recap tomorrow. May end up sleeping in the car tonight, either that or get home at 4 or 5am.

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Timothy Burr; said...

lol the Arrowhead! Hey Cook County had a svr. wng at 9 PM last night and the temps were around 35 degrees when it happened, lol! It's 87 at the Duluth Airport (4pm) and 50 below the hill in Duluth. damn marine layer!