Sunday, May 10, 2009

Is it winter yet?

I mean damn, see as how Minnesota isn't going to have a storm season, it mine as well be winter so I can snowboard and play some pond hockey, it'd be a hell of a lot more fun that sitting here watching the GFS and waiting for something to finally show up. Hell, if we were lucky we might even get a snowstorm which again would be more entertaining than our current "storm" season. But maybe it's for the better for me that it's not active yet, it makes me focus a little more on the end of the year for school (kind of). But it'd still be nice to see SOMETHING that didn't completely vanish on the next run. So... given that we have had no storms its given me a lot of time to think about random stuff...The thing I've thought about the most is the Lutsen trip I went on with some friends back in January and thinking about how much I'm looking forward to next year. Ugghh, I want to be back up there. And with no storms, it mine as well be winter so that I have something to keep me busy. I do have a little hope, the 228 hour on the GFS shows some 80's creeping in to Minnesota (however without a cold front crashing through). Hoping to make it down to Kansas with Rich this season, looks like sometime around the 20th things might finally get a little more active as right now I dont see much anywhere between now and about the 20th. Lets hope something actually pans out, I'm so tired of driving a hundred or two miles to see rain and a little lightning just to patch my SDS a tiny bit. Anyways, suppose I should go study for my business final I have at 8:00 in the morning and try to get some sleep. I think Tuesday will be the first day in over week I haven't had to wake up to do something. Its gonna feel GOOOOD...Pointless post on my blog...DEAL WITH IT

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Timothy said...

I'm in the same boat as you, this really sucks! I wish the deeper instability could make it this far north Tuesday and Wednesday because the jet support and strong forcing/potent low are all there for a nice event, but without the instability will probably just see rainy weather..perhaps some embedded thunderstorms! argh! Hang in there, hopefully things will change for the better.