Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Extremely Dry

The last couple of days have been extremely dry here in Minnesota with relative humidities dipping down to the single digits while temps are in the 60's. Taken with a grain of salt, the AWOS in Blaine reported a dewpoint of 3 degrees with a temp in the 60's and an RH of 9% yesterday. So, with this dry weather, and the dead grass that is just waking up from the winter, fire concerns are on the rise. Today a large (large for Minnesota standards) grass fire burned 100 acres in the southwest Twin Cities metro this afteroon. It only took about 3 hours to get the fire under control but fires dont happen too often in Minnesota. Current reports say that the fire was started by a resident burning leaves in his yard when it got out of control and quickly spread, threatening neighborhoods in Shakopee, although I dont think any damage was actually done. The same threat should develop tomorrow, Red Flag Watch in effect for areas west of the metro, and Red Flag Warnings in effect for southwest Minnesota. But the conditions should improve by the weekend with some possible much needed rain.

Long range forecast: GFS has continued to show a system toward the 9-10 day time period with some noticeable dynamics. Its waaay too far out to go in to detail, and for all we know the models may change it to a snowstorm, but right now it definately catches the eye.


Timothy said...

lol don't use that snowstorm word anymore! Geeze these RH'S lately are more common in Arizona..Not Minnesota-lol

Timothy said...

That is weird to have the same county under a Flood Warning and a Red Flag Warning all at the sametime...But, I guess it's just as weird to have a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning and a blizzard warning going at the sametime-lol.. Midwest weather, gotta love it! One interesting thing about the GFS is that it has been pretty consistent for what they have been showing for the end of April...Although the timing has flucutated a bit between model runs, but that's to be expected with it being so far out into the future. Definately need to keep an eye on it in coming days.