Monday, April 6, 2009

Sister's new dog and ShamWOW guy has a run in with the five-o

My sister and her husband got a new dog a couple of weeks ago from a breeder in Windom, MN. Its a young pug, and as is with all pugs, its so ugly its cute. Its about 10 weeks old, 3.5 lbs, and the size about of about half my fore-arm. When she's awake she's running all over the place, but give her about 15 minutes and she'll be asleep. After some drama with the breeder making a major bonehead mistake, my sister and her husband are the rightful owners of the dog. So, here's a couple pics:

Me and peanut

Peanut sleeping in my mom's arms:

I couldn't resist this. We've all seen the "ShamWOW" infomecials the last couple of years, so this story was just hilarious. Vince Offer (not his real name I guess) was arrested in the South Beach, FL area for apparently beating a hooker. Its not so much the story that is funny (well, ok, the fact that its the Shamwow guy is pretty funny) but the best part is by far his mug shots.

After the incident and apparently meth as well:

Sorry, I couldnt help it ;)

Weather: Zonal flow= boring weather, but then again I guess that means no snow for a few days. Im starting to have haunting memories of last year's spring.


Timothy said...

A friend of mine told me about this, and I didn't believe her..lmao! Man that dude is creepy lookn..Ya just knew there was something wrong with him-lol!

Midwestchaser said...

LOL looks like a combination of an ass kicking from the hooker + meth + a stroke.