Monday, April 27, 2009

4/26 Fail

Well, I knew there wouldn't be much going on yesterday with the way things were trending. I got off work around 2:00 and came home trying to convince myself to head out. I talked to Rich Gudmunsen for about an hour talking about what was going on. Around 3:00 we ended our conversation and I realized it was pretty much a bust from Minnesota through Texas (except for a few small areas and select chasers). No cap over pretty much the entire risk area=bad day. But, still, I couldn't resist the temptation to head south for the extremely outside chance something happens in southern Minnesota. I head south around 5:00 pm (I know, most people were already on their way home by then), figuring its only a 90 minute drive to Albert Lea, plus there were a couple other local chasers in the area, if nothing else I'll have dinner and complain about the setup with them. I get a message from Brian Howell saying that if I head out, he wouldn't mind teaming up since he was right on my way south. We make it as far south as Owatonna when we see rain starting to blob up along the Iowa/Minnesota border, any hope gone now. But we meet up with John Wetter in the Cabela's parking lot and shoot the shit for a while waiting for Andy Revering and his wife to get to Owatonna and get some food. Head over to Famous Dave's, Joel Lampe, Tony Perkins, and Scott (not sure what his last name is) meet us there. Have dinner, get a call from Rich talking about the MD for quote "Brief tornadoes and damaging wind gusts". WTF?!? Seriously? But 10 mintues the entire MD area is blobbed out with rain too. Make it home by 10:00, nothing to really report except I got my tethering plan activated and it worked fine, ran GPS on Spotter Network which worked fine, one thing I realized is that I need to get a USB port before my next chase, it'd be nice to be able to use my mouse. Other than that, some fine tuning my laptop and dash cam mounts. Also need to pick up an external antenna for better cell signal.

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Timothy said...

The weather pattern looks like sh** around here into early May if some of the GFS model runs are right, it doesn't look good right now. Perhaps by mid May things will change? Who knows.. I saw 1 flash of lightning in Duluth just before 8 PM Sunday Night and the temperature when it happened was 34 degrees with 30 mph east!