Friday, April 3, 2009

Old man winter can kiss my @$$!

So, winter doesnt want to go away. Good thing is that it looks like the heaviest snow will stay south of the cities down towards the MN/IA border, but we could still pick up 2-5 inches of snow here. Blizzard warnings in effect for portions of Nebraska and South Dakota, winter storm watches in effect for parts of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa which will likely be upgraded to warnings soon. Snow should start as rain/snow tomorrow morning/afternoon in Minnesota and last through the afternoon on Sunday becoming all snow by evening Saturday. I dont want to get too detailed right now because I really dont want to talk about snow, but areas near the IA/MN border could pick up more than a foot of heavy, wet snow.

The bright side is that looking at the 10 day GFS forecast, it looks like we will warm up towards the end of the period. Its waaay to far away to talk about how warm, but the GFS has been pretty good so far in verifying the warming trends. If it does verfiy the way it looks right now, we may have some chasing weather by mid April.

A quick update on the Red River flooding. The river crested last week at ~40.5 ft and has since receded to ~35 ft but with the recent snow expected to melt a second crest is expected which could surpass the crest that occurred last week. I will update once I find out more info about the possible second crest.

Lastly, I have some pics I took in downtown Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, I just haven't gotten around to really go through them yet. So...Check back to check out the pics when I get them posted which I hope will be pretty soon.


Timothy said...

I've noticed the warmer weather too that the GFS has been building this way toward the end of the long range...Lets hope it verifies, because as much as I love Winter Storms...I'm starting to get sick of them I'm just glad this one will miss the Duluth area to the south, although it looks pretty cold for April standards come Sunday-Monday.

mnwxchaser said...

Look out the window...

Minnesota has officially entered the new ice age.