Sunday, December 21, 2008

Downright cold

You know its cold when Minnesotans start b!tching about the cold. It wouldnt be THAT bad if we didnt have the wind, but subzero temps coupled with winds of 10-20 mph the windchills dip waaay below zero.

I measured 4" of new snow last night here in New Brighton, although we may have actually gotten more but it was hard to get a precise measurement due to the blowing and drifting. It was definately a pain in the ass to plow the sidewalks at work last night after that front passed, temps dropped 10+ degrees and winds really picked up.
More snow on store for us by Tuesday, although im not sure how much because the COD is having problems with their website after doing some work to it and the models are nonfunctional right now.

Last thing, I gave my chase video a name, until i think of something more clever it will be Mother Nature Rage & Grace. It is still very much a work in progress but i have gotten a lot done since i last mentioned it. If you want a copy or trade let me know. I'll let you know right now the quality wont be great but it should atleast be decent.

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