Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update on weekend Alberta Clippers

Still looks like east central Minnesota and western Wisconsin is going to get hit by an Alberta Clipper Friday night. The NWS is saying 2-4 inches are likely but the latest GFS and WRF are pulling the system farther west and bringing down the precip that the storm produces. Someitmes the afternoon runs tend to do this for whatever reason so we will check the morning runs for both the GFS and WRF and also check out the RUC. However, right now im going to go with what i said yesterday with storm total snowfall of 2" at most (although i will be hoping for more). Even if we dont get much snow tomorrow night, we will have another shot at some snow with another clipper sweeping through Sunday night and Monday morning. Again, the models have played down this system in the afternoon runs, earlier runs had this system pumping out up to 5" of snow by noon Monday. We'll just have to wait till tomorrow morning and see. I will post another update tomorrow morning.

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