Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The inconvenience that is Wal-Mart

Ok, so I was hanging out with some friends a couple days before Christmas. They were going over to WalMart to get a couple gifts so i figured i would go along since i needed to get something for my brother anyway. I bought the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight" and when i went to pay for it, for some reason they gave me a $5 gift card. I didn't want it in the first place since i hate going to WalMart and only do so if my friends have to go, and i usually dont buy anything anyways so this gift card is just a waste. But i figure ok, cool, there will probably be some random time i will use this. So, i get home, throw the gift card where ever, and wrap the movie. Well, i turned out my brother had just bought The Dark Knight. Sooooo, I go back over to WalMart yesterday to return the movie. Now, i was already pissed that i had to spend more time in WalMart, but when i try to return the movie the girl asks "Do you have the gift card?". I'm thinking, WTF? Then i remember the stupid $5 gift card that I DIDNT EVEN WANT. Apparently you need to have it to return the movie. I go back home to try to find it, and of course i dont know where i put it because i didnt think it was going to be that big of a deal. Now my options are, either keep the movie (im not a big fan of Batman movies), tear apart the house to find the damn gift card, or try to give them a five dollar bill in place of the gift card. Looks like im going to be tearing thru the house, i WILL NOT pay WalMart an extra $5 for something i didnt want in the first place. Oh, and this isnt the end. I go back to WalMart after a quick search for the card at my house. I was going to see my brother last night anyways so i wanted to give him his belated present then instead of having to drive out to St Louis Park. So, i find another movie "Burn After Reading" and i go to the self check out to pay for it. I only the movie to pay for so i figured it would be quick. Nope, wrong. I scan the movie and some message pops up saying something about an employee having to log in. So, a girl comes over to put in the code or whatever. After she does that its supposed to go back to shopper mode so that i can pay. you think this happens? NOPE! the damn machine goes retarded and it takes a good 5 minutes for the girl to get it back to shopper mode. Have I found the gift card yet? NOPE. am i still out $20? YUP. THANKS WALMART!


mnwxchaser said...

buy HEY...when you are really irritated with them, you can always visit the auto care center and be reminded of why Walmart is so generous for hiring all those rocket scientists who are waiting to get in at NASA.

Midwestchaser said...

haha, rocket scientists, right. Im laughing to myself thinking about Hank and Mega Lo Mart on King of the Hill.