Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snow in the forecast, then cold

Looks like we will have a chance for some light snow Friday night and Saturday although i dont see it being anything big. My thinking is that it is going to be 1/2 to maybe 1" of snow with a quick clipper system coming from NoDak and moving down in to Illinois. Doesnt look like it will be anything big, i would see at the very most
2" but i think it will be around an inch. Im suprised to see the NWS having a 60% chance of snow for this system since it isnt a big one and it is still a few days out. Then, the GFS is showing another bigger clipper heading in the same general direction moving thru Sunday night and Monday. Although this is still 5 days out, if things dont change too much we may see 3-5 inches of snow here in the Twin Cities. After this system moves out we will briefly warm up in to the 30's but the GFS shows a big polar push southward by the end of the 10 day period. We all know that when the GFS goes beyond 180 hours it goes crazy, but the trend for 6/7 day period also shows overnight temps getting gradually colder each night and this area of colder temps. moves farther south each night. so, IF the GFS holds up we could very well see subzero highs by the end of next week (starting around Dec 12th and going till who knows when) and this cold push could extend well in to the central plains and east in to the Ohio River area. Now, like i have said before, this is a long time out and things will change but the models are already trending towards a major cool down. Check back for updates...

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