Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The city has finally flooded a couple hockey rinks AND gotten the nets out which means i will actually be able to do something besides sit in front of the computer all day! This should also really help take away some of the SDS (although it hasnt been as bad lately with the snow we get every other day). Man, i've been waiting for this since the beginning of the month, and its been cold enough for them to have the rinks flooded since late November, so all i can say is, again, FFFFIIIIINNNNAAALLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Like i mentioned before I am now in between semesters at Anoka Ramsey Community College so I have no classes from now til January 12th which kicks a$$! Had 3 finals on Monday which i had to do on 4 hours of sleep plus i worked for 6 1/2 hours the night before. As if the finals werent enough stress, the roads SUCKED Monday morning and the normally 20 minute drive turned in to a 45 minute drive and cut it pretty damn close to being late which would not have been good.

Lastly, winter storm to pound the midwest, yada yada yada. Significant ice expected in Des Moines and Chicago with 12+ inches for Milwaukee. Will post more on it later, but i need a brake, i'm afraid im going to get carpel tunnel syndrome because of all the typing i've been doing for the winter storms that we have gotten already ;)

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