Monday, January 12, 2009

1/12/09 Alberta Clipper

An Alberta Clipper is moving through the Upper Midwest today bringing a large swath of 2-5 inches of snow accumlation in ND/SD/IA/MN/WI along with very strong winds sustained 25-35 mph and gusting to 50 mph in some places. Although the snow accumulation isnt huge, there is plenty of loose snow from previous snowfalls to create whiteout conditions thus Blizzard Warnings have been issued for large potions of ND and SD along with northwest IA and along the SD/MN border. Winds should subside late this evening in ND and SD but continue over MN/IA/WI. Along with the snow this system is bringing extremely cold temps to ND and northern MN with low temps potentially getting down to -30 degrees F and combined with the winds associated with the clipper will bring wind chills from -40 to -55 degrees F. Wind chill warnings have been posted for northeastern Minnesota and look for many schools in that area to be closed or atleast delayed start due to the extreme wind chills. Another system will impact the same general area Tuesday night with a few more inches of snow possible.

Side notes:
I am still working on getting the Lutsen pics/video from my video camera. Im having a helluva a time converting the file type on the videos. The current file type is .MOD and I want to change it to .wmv but I havent figured out how yet. Any advice? Once I get this figured out I will have a recap of the trip which was an awesome time!

Also, my chase video "Mother Nature Rage & Grace" is still in the works. My computer decided to crap out on me right before I left for Lutsen so I couldnt get any work done before I left. Procrastination and the trip itself are also reasons I havent finished it yet. But I promise it will be done soon. Again, if you like a copy, either by trade or just a copy of it, let me know via email:


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you want to mess with me and go that route? What gives you the right to say that shit about ME!?

email me below to discuss

Or go into the forum

Brian Martin

PS - If you think you can give me the beating of my life, look out buddy cause I am not the person to mess with

Unknown said...

Wow...not sure what that last comment was all about (what is OWS Weather?) but regarding the clipper system, not too bad. The sun dogs this morning were pretty impressive at -23F. Let me know when the vid is done as I have a copy of our for you. That new clipper tonight will make for another crap drive tomorrow.

E-Dubs said...

Hey OWS, I don't think you being tied up to a table wearing a mask and your brother standing over you with a whip and wearing leather counts as a beating.

Midwestchaser said...

First off Brian, fuck off. If you want to say something do it through email, I even posted it on my blog so it shouldnt be too hard for your tiny little brain to figure out how to get a hold of me, dont muck up my blog.

Alright, now to the real comments. That clipper we got yesterday ended up giving us more snow here in the cities than most people anticipated. Once again a disorganized band of snow but it did snow steadily here for a few hours. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to measure the storm total snowfall, but I did measure 1.8" about halfway through the storm so I figure we get 3.5-4 inches. Suprisingly this is one of the biggest snowfalls of the year here in New Brighton, with the biggest being about 4.5. All the systems have only given us 1-3 inches.

Hey Bill if you see this comment do you have any advice for changing the file type of my video? Its currently in .MOD and I have tried uploading video to Facebook and the file .MOD isnt allowed so I'm wondering if this will make a difference when finishing up my movie??

Last thing, like Bill mentioned another couple of inches tonight (1-2" max?), just enough to shovel, not enough to brag about.

Unknown said...

Just mpeg it. You can upload and the compression is minimal from the raw avi file.