Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small warm up?

Still very boring weather and I dont have much to say. I just thought I would mention that temps here in central Minnesota should rebound back in to the 20's to near 30 over the weekend which will be very welcome after the recent cold snap. Although temps weren't nearly as bad for this recent arctic air plunge, it was still colder than most people wanted. But now it looks like temps should stay around average for a while. No big storms in the near future, hardly any snow at all actually. The most exciting thing right now is that January is almost over which is historically the coldest month here in Minnesota, so I am definately glad it is ending. Also, I am actually starting to notice a change in daylight a small bit, only a few months till chase season will be really starting here in the upper midwest. Like I said, not much to say, most of this post really isnt anything important but I havent updated in a few days.
On a more interesting note, my chase vid is almost done. I realize I have been saying this for a while but I should be done with it by Saturday at the latest. Email me for a copy:


Timothy said...

Days are definately getting longer, it's staying light outside til around 5:30 PM now, very nice to see and it'll only get better in the coming months. I've seen a few GFS model runs that show a more active weather pattern setting up for Minnesota as we head into early and mid February...Lets hope it pans out, because this weather has been sooooo boring this month. FYI...Just 9" of snow here in Duluth so far this month, yet we had 37" of snow during December

Midwestchaser said...

I havent looked at models ina couple days but when I didnt see much. I'm sure some of the products have changed a lot since I last looked. Hopefully we get out of this cold pattern, I'm so sick of it now. I'm just sick of winter in general now, I cant wait for spring. That's amazing what a month can do for snow!