Monday, January 19, 2009

The real definition of F.O.R.D.

Im sure many have heard this before but the name of the car company Ford is really an acronym for Fixed Or Repaired Daily. I have a 2000 Ford Focus that I got in 2006 thru a police auction in Brooklyn Center. Since then we have put in upwards of $1000 of repairs in to it and there is still a couple hundred that still need to go in to it before the '09 season. The last problem that we had to get fixed was an oil leak that got oil in ot all the gears in the engine. This cost about $400 including labor. While the car was in the shop for the engine problems, the mechanics realized that my suspension was f*cked up (and that's not an exaggeration). However, there was a recall on the suspension for the model car I had. The problem? The recall expired 2 months we brought it in. This was another $400 for a new suspension. In the summer of 2007 we had to replace the windshield (and not from hail mind you). For some unknown reason that I will probably never figure out, there was a spider web crack all around my rear view mirror and the rear view mirror actually popped off. It was like a baseball or something hit it on the outside right where the mirror is. This was another $100-$200. Then of course the piece of rubber that is on the outside of the windshield at the bottom that prevents water from leaking in to the car comes loose on the passenger side, so whenever it rains hard I get a nice big nasty puddle of water in the passenger side floor. This is one of those things I still have to fix but I did get an estimate last fall which was about $130. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but keep in mind my car is a 2 door. To get to the back seats on the passenger side you pull a lever to get the backrest of the seat to spring forward. Of course the lever got stripped and doesnt work any more, so now I have to use a vise grip to get it to work. The piece that moves the vents from side to side on the passenger side broke so now air just blows straight out. Im pretty sure I have another leak in my engine (and I just got the other leak fixed in October). And just last night, I was backing out of the driveway and I cranked the wheel to the right just to have a little fun. What happens? Somehow the damn fan shift to the right and hits something whenever I turn it on. So, in just over 2 years the car has already need about $2000 in repairs. Right now, it is nowhere close to being ready for chase season, I have absolutely no faith in it handling trips at this point. Even if we were to sell the car and get something new/more reliable we still have a couple hunder bucks before we could sell it. Fixed Or Repaired Daily, seems about right.

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