Saturday, January 31, 2009

Record high?

According to the weather station at the Blaine Airport our highest hourly temp was 46F. Looking at the almanac on MyCast that I have on my phone 46 is the record high for today which was set in 1995 so we might have a tie today if the 46 that was reported is actually counted. Noone really expected it to get this warm today, the NWS saying that highs would be around 35 with clouds and patchy light freezing drizzle in the morning. I was up at 9:00 to get ready for work and it was clear out by that time so I'm guessing the clouds/drizzle that was expected cleared out much faster than expected which allowed the sun to be out longer and thus warm temps more than anticipated. It felt awesome out there today, on my way to get some lunch I drove with my window down. After the cold January we had I think we deserved a day like today. Unforunately it wont last as tomorrow it supposed to be cloudy and breezy with highs around 30 and colder on Mon/Tues with highs only around 15. Still no storms in the near future so it should stay pretty quiet thru atleast the first week of February.

I was looking at the surface obs in areas under a Red Flag Warning down in Kansas and the air down there is unbelievably dry. I think I was at the surface obs for Goodland, KS and they had an air temp of 70 with a dewpoint of -6 creating a relative humidity of 4%. :o

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