Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good

Ok, so the title is extremely cliche and I feel sort of queer for saying it but its true. I was finally reunited tonight with my film SLR camera. I let my friend borrow it for a photo class last year and didnt get it back til after work today. I need it for a photo class at ARCC. It should be mostly stuff I already know but when you only need 3 more credits to be full time and nothing else works in your schedule you will take what you can get. The camera body is a Nikon N65 with a 28-80 mm Nik(k?)or lense. Its old school and I desperately need to upgrade to a DSLR but there are other things I need for chasing first. There are some things I have been wanting to try out but the Canon Powershot I usually use doesnt have the aperature settings I need. I'll be posting some of the pics I take and I should be able to get some good ones, although all the ones for class will be black and white. Time to start lining the fridge with film. I wonder how long its been since most of you have had to do that?!?

On a different note: I know I'll get a few rotten fruit thrown at me for saying this but I skipped my meteorology class today to watch the inauguration. I never thought I would be so intrigued by this kind of event but this was so much different than any other inauguration so far. His speech was simply awesome...


mnwxchaser said...

I'm going to say 1996 or 1997 was the last time I seriously did anything with film. Mind you I still have a SRT101 with a couple of super wide f2.8's in the bag. I keep it around in the event we ever have a really good geomagnetic storm or if another comet comes whizzing by. When loaded with Velvia 100 (wish I could afford 50), the colors and detail look really good on prints.

Midwestchaser said...

'96 or '97? really? I guess I didnt realize digital has been around for that long. Seems like it was just a couple years ago film was phased out.

I gotta say its nice having having the functionality of my SLR again but what I would give to get a DSLR.