Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is that?

Oh, its snow, something we havent seen in a long time here in Minnesota. I'm not sure on exact measurements, but January has been very dry this year in my memory. We picked up a quick half inch here, enough to allow me to play with the hand brake in the empty part of the Cub Foods parking lot after picking up a couple boxed dinners (the same dinner I nearly upchucked myself after seeing the weird Yankton TOR video Bill posted from 5/5/07). Streets aren't bad, I'm sure the highways aren't bad, snow has ended, just a quick dusting to remind us that Minnesota Januaries arent always about extreme cold. But, other than this I dont see much more snow for a while, certainly nothing big (or even any clipper systems) through the beginning of February. A nice brief thaw this weekend with highs maybe getting to 32, otherwise still very boring. Not much else to say except that I took some pics for my photo class and we are developing the film this week. I will probably just bring the film in to Proex or something and have them make prints of the negatives, it will take way to long to get the pics on here if I wait until after I enlarge them myself. But I should have a couple cool ones (I hope) but we will see.


Timothy Burr; said...

lol a WHOPPING .5" of new snow up here in Duluth last night, the snowflakes were so tiny, it looked like dust coming out of the sky-lol.. Damn arctic air!

Midwestchaser said...

Lol, no kidding, it was the same down here. I'd say we would be lucky if it was a half inch, it might'v ebeen less. lol. But hey, atleast we *might* break freezing down here on Saturday.

Unknown said...

I'll take it. Cullen and I spent the afternoon putting the ICOM back in the car, removing about 5 lbs of sand and salt form the interior (I wonder if the county highway department wants it back?), and removing the 4" of perma-ice at the end of the driveway. Ready for the second half.