Monday, February 2, 2009

Extreme Lake Effect Snow

Lots of areas along the shores of Lake Superior are going to see snow, including the north and south shores. Winter Storm Warnings along the north shore, Lake Effect warnings for the south shore. I was reading one of the lake effect warnings in the UP of Michigan and the text is calling for the potential of extreme snowfall rates of 5 inches per hour. I dunno for sure, but that seems pretty unheard of. I've experienced some extreme rates up in that area of 3-5 inches per hour with thundersnow but it didnt last long. I cant imagine being in that kind of snow for an extended amount of time. Just think, 10 inches of snow in two hours. It would be impossible to keep roads/sidewalks clear. Anyways, I usually dont post about lake effect snow this far away but I thought that kind of snow was worth mentioning. Places in the UP of Michigan can expect up to 18 inches of snow by tomorrow, with areas along the north shore seeing up to 10 inches.


Timothy said...

One heck of a convergence zone over Central Lake Superior Today, if you get the time check out the 1km visible satellite imagery off the Dupage site, very cool looking! Pretty good snow rates just east of Duluth/Superior right now, decent lookn' dbz's moving onshore right now. Partially sunny here in Duluth all day, looks like the lake effect is going to miss the city

Midwestchaser said...

Well looks like the NWS cancelled the Winter Storm Warnings for Lake and Cook counties since the snow didnt really develop as expected. But like you said those snow bands over Superior and that are moving on to the south shore look pretty impressive. It should be interesting to see the snow reports tomorrow.