Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Epic Fail

So I figured tonight would be a good night to test out my new camera at night. Wet snow + trees= good pics, right? Dead wrong, atleast tonight. The overcast skies and fog really screwed up the lighting and I could not for the life of me figure out how to compensate for it. The sky almost had a red/orange tint to it (which may have just been from the streetlights) and I didn't know how to adjust to it. Almost every single pic I took looks like shit. I picked about the worst night to try to get the kinds of photos I was trying for. The one saving grace is that I got a nice pic from the place I work at, otherwise everything else turned out like crap. Here is the one I got from the place I work at. I'm not too religious but I do think this picture is pretty striking and has a pretty strong message, whatever that may be:

Here is one I took on Old Highway 8 which is pretty much the "old main street" of New Brighton and has some old fashioned streets lights which I have wanted to photograph for a while, but I just happened to pick a horrible time to do it. This is just one of the many that didn't turn out:

Some time soon I will get back there and get some pics of the stret lights since they are pretty cool and look pretty cool at night.

The best part of the night didnt happen until after I decided to cut my losses and head home. I was heading back to my car when a truck drives by. I recognized the truck since the building across the street had people doing snow removal and this was the only truck in that parking lot the entire time I was there. As it drives away I faintly hear "NERD!". WTF? This person is so scared that they have to say something while they drive away? If they're gonna make fun of me, DO IT TO MY FACE! Don't shout something and then run away. I dont give a rat's ass about people who don't have the balls to come out and say something to my face, and I could honestly care less what they said, I found it more funny that they ran off after saying something than I was pissed that they said something.

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Timothy said...

Yea I was pretty shocked to see the 6-8" snow totals they had up around Koochiching and North St. Louis Counties as well, must've been some pretty good forcing above and over that arctic front. I know the snow to liquid ratios were high...I believe the 8" snow total at International Falls ended up being around .17" of liquid precip! That's some fluffy snow for ya.. I'm no fan of this cold either..argh!