Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick note about the Duluth trip

Just a quick note about my trip to Duluth today. I did actually make it up there and took over 300 pictures from areas from Duluth to Goosberry Falls State Park. With that many pictures its going to take some time to get them up but I will trip to upload them on here as soon as possible. 360 miles and 11 hour trip, I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my one day off a week today (maybe chasing a storm could beat it but it would be pretty close). Anyways, I will post a full write up with plenty of pictures later including my first eagle shot.

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Timothy said...

Lookn' forward to ur picks u took on ur trip up here to Duluth and the North Shore...The Thursday snow event looks good, i'd say that area in Eastcentral Minnesota could easily see >6" of snowfall...Wouldn't be surprised to see around 2-4" here in Duluth, i'm actually looking forward to the snow, although I do hope Spring comes early this year, but i'm not sure that's going to happen