Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on the Oklahoma tornadoes and website news

Just a quick update on the tornadoes that hit central Oklahoma on Tuesday (Feb 10, 2009). I have seen unofficial reports that the Lone Grove, OK tornado was rated an EF4 and the Ardmore, OK tornado was an EF2. Again these are unofficial reports that I cant seem to find the source to, but I do remember seeing those stats (I could've swore I saw it at ST). The NWS-Norman hasn't posted anything on their website about finishing the damage assessments, let alone having official ratings ready for the public. I haven't seen many pics from the damage, but the few I have seen look fairly consistent with atleast an EF3 (based on pictures I have seen of other damage from EF3+ tornadoes but then again it all depends on how the buildings were built). So I dont know if those numbers are just someone guessstimating the rating or if they heard leaked info from somewhere. Anyways, my prediction is an EF3 although I could see it being an EF4. I still haven't heard an official death toll from this storm, I've heard anywhere from 8-15 deaths so I'm not exactly sure what to say about that. No matter the number, even one death would be tragic. Prayers and thoughts with the people affected, certainly caught a lot of people off guard this early in the season.

Ok, so something on the brighter side. I have plans to update and basically rebuild my website . I'm running out of space on my free account from and I also want to upgrade to a .com domain. So, current plan is to go through Dryline Hosting with the EF1 package for now, may upgrade later but this package includes (I think) 200 megs of memory which should hold me over for a while. I had checked in to switching to Dryline before but they didnt have a sitebuilder and I have no idea how to write html. But now they include a sitebuilder for free so I should be good to go. I checked out a domain for my site and as long as noone takes between now and when I actually get the domain it will be The domain for my current site is where too long (Midweststormchaser). So, I am hoping to get this up and running for the most part by the time the '09 season starts. I am really looking forward to making this new site, more of an "professional" site and I think I will be able to do more with it than my current site. I will be updating my progress and will appreciate any comments/criticism!!

Lastly, I do have my chase vid done and a couple copies burned. All I have to do is get some packaging and postage and then put them in the mail. Let me know if you want a copy:

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