Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snow report from 2/20/09 and other random thoughts

So the system that brought us snow yesterday produced more snow here in the cities than expected. At home here in New Brighton we picked up just over 4 inches (4.2"). The snow started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon and started to dry up around 8:00 as expected, at which point we had about an inch, but for some reason the snow filled back in in central Minnesota bringing heavy snow at times between 9:00 pm and 1:00 am dumping another 3 inches. Some areas around the metro picked up over 6", and the weird thing is no advisory or warning was ever in place. Looks like more snow for the end of the week...

Second thing is the F5chaser get together was fun. I had a great time talking to fellow Minnesota (and mostly metro) storm chasers, shootin the shit for a couple hours while havin some wings. These get togethers are something we gotta do more often, its always to great meet the people you talk to on the internet in person. Looking forward to the March 14th SKYWARN class in Blaine, usually a pretty good turn out of actual chasers.

Third thing is I'm thinkin about makin a run down to Red Wing tomorrow morning to get some shots of the bluffs with the fresh snowpack. Hopefully the sun didnt melt too much of it away but there are a couple of spots I want to check out that may have a pretty cool vantage point. Forecast is for mostly clear skies so it should be a pretty good day for outdoor photography. Only thing is I have to be back home by 4:00 for work, which means I have to leave home around 10:00, get down there around 11:30, and leave at the latest by 2:30 in order to be back on time. We'll see if I actually end up goin or not.

Fourth thing, I am also thinking about heading up to Duluth on Monday for some Lake Superior pics and maybe even some snowmelt pics? Forecast for DLH on Monday is mostly clear skies but a high of only 23. Again, not a sure thing yet, but sometime this spring I am going to get up there to Goosberry for the snowmelt, it should be a pretty good one, if I'm correct they've had quite a bit of snow this year (maybe even above normal? Tim??).


Timothy said...

uh oh your calling me out-lol.. Well I think it's safe to say that the Gooseberry Falls area has had quite a bit of snow this Winter and i'm pretty sure that area has seen above average snowfall so far... I know in Duluth proper were 7" above normal since the 1st of December, but we haven't had any meaningful snowfall here in the city since early January, so that above average stat is a little mis-leading...37 of the 50" came in December..Have fun if you venture north...Let me know if ya make it to Duluth anytime soon and down to Lake Superior

Midwestchaser said...

Didnt make it down to Red Wing today, I needed the extra sleep today. But I'm still planning on heading up to Duluth tomorrow. I'll probably head up towards the Two Harbors area too and check out a couple national parks. Tim, one more question if you see this, are the rivers starting to open up in the arrowhead, or are they still mostly ice-covered?